• Safe, temporary shelter
  • Transitional housing
  • Safety planning
  • Help applying for crime victim services and compensation
  • Provision of Basic Needs
  • Medical and Mental health services
  • Advocacy and assistance connecting to law enforcement
  • Help navigating the legal system
  • Transportation
  • Education and Employment Assistance


  • Increase survivor representation at conferences and events
  • Advancing systems of care
  • Empowering survivors
  • Pursuing new or advanced methods to disrupt trafficking and exploitation pipelines

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  • Raise awareness of trafficking in our community
  • Educate professionals and community members on how to identify, treat, and respond appropriately to potential victims of human trafficking


Through advocacy, community collaboration and education, the coalition identifies victims, exposes traffickers and buyers, promotes slave-free practices and supports survivors of human trafficking on their journey toward wholeness.

The coalition also provides a toll-free number to help survivors in need or provide direction to concerned community members who may witness a trafficking situation.

In 2018, the Department of Homeland Security opened 849 investigations related to human trafficking