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Your Donation Makes a Difference

We recognize that there is no quick fix for survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. We believe we’ve got to be ready to journey with a survivor for the long haul, and your donations allow us to do just that.

There are many ways that you can contribute. Financial donations help us pay for safe, temporary shelter, basic needs like food and clothing, medical and mental health assistance in addition to rent and utility assistance for our survivors while we help them to heal. In-kind donations of basic needs, furniture and other necessities are always in need. It can be a long process to transition out of a trafficking situation and we want to be able to help survivors set themselves up for success.

We’ve Got tax credits!

The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) has approved the Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Central Missouri for state tax credits under the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). The approved application awards the Coalition with $41,906 of Missouri state tax credits. NAP, administered by the Missouri DED, provides tax credits to organizations administering crime prevention and crime victim support projects. This tax credit may be utilized by businesses, individuals who operate a sole proprietorship, operate a farm, have rental property or have royalty income as well as a shareholder in an S-corporation, a partner in a Partnership or a member of a Limited Liability Corporation with a Missouri tax liability.

Donations to the Coalition received as part of this NAP project will support and enable survivors of human trafficking in Boone County to become successful, productive members of the community.

How the NAP tax credit works:

Eligible donors receive a state income tax credit for 50% of the value of a donation made to the Coalition. Specified donations made June 1, 2021 – May 30, 2024 are eligible for these 50% tax credits. NAP tax credits are available on a first come, first served basis. They are not guaranteed to be available for the duration of the project term.

An Example:

Personal Donation $1,500 $3,000 $5,000
Federal Tax Bracket 24% 24% 24%
State Tax Bracket 6% 6% 6%
State Tax Credit -$750 -$1,500 -$2,500
Federal Income Tax Deduction -$180 -$360 -$600
State Income Tax Deduction -$45 -$90 -$150
Reduced State Deduction on Federal Return $191 $382 $636
Net Cost $716 $1,432 $2,386

* Assumes the taxpayer itemizes deductions on their tax return and is in the 24% federal tax bracket. Neither this document nor any comments made by the Coalition should be treated as tax, legal or accounting advice. Potential donors should seek independent advice from their certified public accountant or attorney before making a contribution.


If you want to make a contribution to the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition, you can make a one-time donation. Whether your contribution is humble or grand, it makes a difference and allows us to help more survivors. We appreciate every donation that is made to the Coalition.

You can mail your donation to:

Stop Human Trafficking Coalition of Central Missouri
503 E. Nifong Blvd. Suite H, #206
Columbia, MO 65201


If you can to continuously support us, you can enroll in our recurring donation program. This allows you to automatically make a donation once a month. You do not have to worry about manually making payments and you can enable us to serve others more efficiently, knowing we have set funds coming in each month. These donations help us with daily expenses associated with serving survivors. We are so grateful for our recurring contributors.

In 2018, the Department of Homeland Security opened 849 investigations related to human trafficking